Photo by ColectivoMultipolar

Photo by ColectivoMultipolar



My bio is under construction as I transition to life as a graduate student in cultural anthropology at Emory University in Atlanta. In Chicago I had many projects, hussles, and areas of work including as a sound artist, audio engineer, DJ, community organizer, and writer. You can read about some of that work below.


“Dangling Wires: Artists Examine Relationship with Technology in Entanglements.” Scapi Mag. 2/5/19

"World's Fair 2018 asks Chicagoans to create a new vision for a utopian city." Chicago Sun-Times. 6/23/2019

"In Rotation" Chicago Reader. 4/12/2018

"F12 Network fight sexual violence by delegating." Chicago Reader. 6/13/2017

"Diverse artists and activists come together at weekly Hyde Park series the Corner." Chicago Reader. 12/2/2016

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