Photo by ColectivoMultipolar

Photo by ColectivoMultipolar


Chicago, IL

Sasha Tycko references queer desire and utopian longing when they ask, what does art want? Starting from the proposition that art-making is world-making, Tycko combines community organizing and curatorial work with writing, music, and performance. They seek connections between interiority and context, trying to be in their body as they interrogate the social/political/cultural world that gives it shape.

Sasha is a founding editor of The Sick Muse zine, which publishes work by and about the Chicago DIY scene, with the mission of both documenting our ephemeral, under-and-misrepresented scene and offering a forum for the Chicago community. They have extensive experience organizing shows, open mics, panel discussions, festivals, and other occasions for gathering. Recently, they co-organized the World's Fair 2018, a week-long festival that remixed Chicago's 1893 World's Fair as a platform to imagine community in a world that transcends money and borders. For two years, they co-produced The Corner, a weekly open mic and performance series at the Promontory in their neighborhood of Hyde Park. 

Sasha's writing appears in Sixty Inches From Center, Exhibitions on the Cusp, and the South Side Weekly. They dj and perform regularly at venues like the Whistler, dfbrl8r gallery, No Nation Unspace and Tangential Gallery, Berlin Nightclub, the Hideout, Rutcorp, the Dojo, and Hostel Earphoria. Sasha received an education in political theory and cultural studies at the University of Chicago. They were raised in the Washington, D.C. metro area and are as influenced by its DIY legacy as by the art museums they wandered as a teen.


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